Steam Driven Tractor Loaded with Logs, Algoma District, Ontario, circa 1915.

The Lombard Steam Log Hauler as it was officially known looked and operated much like a small steam locomotive. It had an engineer and fireman that maintained the boiler pressure and controlled the speed of the engine, but was steered by a man sitting in front of the boiler. The Pine Lumber Co. of Devon (near Chapleau) c1917, was one of the few Ontario locations where a Lombard was known to have been used. The proprietors of the Devon mill were from the Lotbiniere area of Quebec and Lombards were produced in Maine.

The Linn tractor was a gasoline powered vehicle driven like an automobile.

Linn Tractor Towing A Load, Iron Bridge, Ontario, Canada Circa 1930.

Brag Lumber Load, Thessalon, Ontario, circa 1900

Black and white photo of six men on top of a brag load of logs in winter time. In front stand two white horses harnessed to the wagon. A man stands on the ground to the left of the load and a young boy stands to the right.
Notes: The term ‘brag load’ referred to loads of logs which were large enough that their size was worth bragging about.


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    1. Hi Brian, that was taken from the “notes” portion of the description of the photo on the website that I credited with a link back. Looks like they edited your comment and used it. I can give you personal credit for the description or remove/change it, what would be your preference?


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