People watch in amazement as the Los Angeles Aqueduct water starts flowing down the cascades into the San Fernando Valley. The smoke in the background is from canon fire upon the gates opening.

It is estimated that over 30,000 people attended the opening day ceremonies of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. They came to watch the Owens Valley water cascade into the San Fernando Valley, November 5, 1913.

Crowds cheer as Owens River water cascades down the channel into the Valley for the first time.

Nov. 5, 1913: Crowd of about 25,000 arrives at the new Los Angeles Aqueduct on opening day. This photo was published in the Nov. 6, 1913 Los Angeles Tmies.

Crowds arrive for the historical opening ceremony of the Los Angeles Aqueduct. They came by Southern Pacific trains ($1 roundtrip from the Los Angeles terminal), in automobiles, wagons and buggies – and also on horseback.



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