As the propeller of this Rex Smith aeroplane is engaged, the pilot seems excited, while his passenger does not, 1912.

Early passenger airplane flight. Senorita Lenore Rivero with US aviation pioneer Tony Jannus (1889-1916) in a Rex Smith airplane in 1912. This flight was one of several made by Jannus with female passengers over Potomac Park, Washington DC, USA, in 1911. Rivero was the daughter of the Cuban minister to the USA. This flight reached a height of 23 metres. Rivero’s skirt is tied down, and the propeller is about to be started. Jannus made a number of pioneering airplane flights, including celebrity and air exhibition flights, and making the first scheduled airline flight. He died in a crash over the Black Sea during World War I.

Photograph from the Harris and Ewing collection, Harris & Ewing, photographer. RIVIERO, SENORITA LENORE. WITH ANTHONY JANNUS; IN REX SMITH AEROPLANE. , 1912. Photograph.


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